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Water Descaler - 125ml

Make every time as good as the first time! Make sure you de-scale your machine every 6 months to keep it in tip-top condition!

Contains 2 bottles of descaling solution
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Your Dolce Gusto® machine is great at turning those little capsules into tasty drinks, and descaling it every 6 months will make sure that the quality of your favourite coffee stays as high as you expect. Descaling is made easy with this Liquid Water Descaler kit. Specially designed for your Dolce Gusto® machine, it will keep your equipment running smoothly so you can enjoy that great coffee experience time and time again.

Compatible with any machine in the Dolce Gusto® range, this descaling kit comes with two bottles (2 x 125ml) so you can keep your machine in tip-top condition. Preventing and treating lime scale means the quality of your drinks stays high, your coffee is always tasty, and your machine is more healthy – so your solo coffee breaks, gatherings with friends, and breakfast with family can always be enjoyed by your delicious pod coffee drinks. Whether you enjoy dreamy lattes, a smooth Chococino®, Marrakesh style tea or anything else from our fantastic range, your drinks will always benefit from a well-kept machine.


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