How do I best look after and maintain my machine?
When you first purchase your machine, we’d suggest you watch this short 2 minute video which will show you how to best look after your machine
The beverage is coming out at an angle and not straight into the cup.
This may be a result of a small blockage. Before preparing your next cup, clean and dry the capsule holder, particularly the beverage outlet opening. We can assure you that the quality of the final beverage is not impacted and can be consumed.
Once I finish the beverage preparation and stop the machine there is still continuous dripping into the cup.
This is normal; as long as the capsule is not removed and discarded it will continue to drip into the cup or the drip tray (once the cup is removed). The dripping lasts longer for coffee capsules than for milk capsules. To stop dripping, remove and discard...
Upon removal of the holder and the capsule from the machine, some water/product drops are coming out from the top of the needle.
It is likely that you removed the holder from the machine too soon. Always wait for the light to stop blinking before removing the holder from the machine.
It is difficult to remove the capsule holder from the machine at the end of beverage delivery.
Do not try to remove the capsule holder too soon. Always wait for the light to stop blinking. If still difficult to remove, do not force. Switch off the machine and wait for 5 minutes before trying to remove. It is important to clean your capsule holder...
Water or liquid is leaking outside the machine during beverage preparation
Water can leak when the water tank or the seal at the base of the machine is damaged. Firstly try these steps - Remove the water tank from the machine Place the water tank on a tea towel on the bench and leave it for a short time (30-60 minutes) ...
My beverage is too cold
Check that you are using regular tap water and not refrigerated water. If necessary, descale the machine following the instructions from the machine enquiries section above.
My machine is on but there is no flow of beverage out of the holder.
Firstly, check if there is water in the water tank. If no, fill tank with water and start again. If this is not the cause, the needle in the head of the machine may be blocked. The unblocking tool, which came with your machine, should be inserted into...
Why do I sometimes get different foam levels?
The level of foam depends on the size of the cup, the position of the drip tray, and sometimes the milk and coffee powders which are natural products that might show a small seasonality effect.